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Doe Family News

John Doe's DiaryCollapse )

Week 1 Stats:
Job Level - 2
Skills learned (level): Athletic (4), Charisma (3), Handiness (3)
Founders biographyCollapse )

This plot of land is nothing but desert, which is good for me, since I know nothing of plant care, I leave that to the so called experts. Me? I just wanted to get a job, so when the flimsy sheet of paper they call a 'newspaper' was delivered, I was all over it like a rash. I thought, something cool, something that would make me look good... ah, right, Fortune Telling. Well, it's a job. So, I took it. I start tomorrow. I went book shopping, to the consignment store, and the book store, got me some books for learning skills, and in case the miracle ever happens that I have kids, some of those toddler books they can learn stuff from too. Yeah, I know, sappy. But, hey, there may not be a book shop in a year or three, so I buy now and plan ahead. On returning home I spent some time practising speechifying in the mirror. I guess a fortune teller needs to be able to talk about anything, to anyone, at any time, so I had a shot at it for myself.

Day 1 Talk to the Mirror photo Day1TalktotheMirror.jpg

I know, I look a right idiot, but, I learned something, Charisma can be taught.

Apocalypse Ho!

So here we go again, after a series of unfortunate crashes, corruptions, re-installations and some time away from the PC (in case I smashed it one), we are back with our Apocalypse Challenge attempts.... yes, plural. But I am only recording the one... This new one. For now, that may change if the dratted game crashes and corrupts again, in which case we start again, probably with another new founder... so many singles in my sim bin.

This way!Collapse )

See next entry for more Sim news!

Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge - Week 5

This week started so well, on Sunday eveing we did the usual going to work thing, but barely had we arrived when Lucius was ARRESTED!!! He felt utterly humiliated and in fact, publicly disgraced... Oh dear!Collapse )

Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge - Week 4

Lucius is still working his little cotton socks off in Lucky Palms. This week he achieved level 8 in the Criminal Career (Master Thief Track), Level 9 in Athletic and Level 5 in Handiness. He also met a woman. A Human Woman. Which is a first in this town where EVERYONE seems to be a witch, fairy or vampire - although we have seen one werewolf, we just didn't get to meet them. I'm afraid i didn't catch the picture of him getting electrocuted as he tried to repair the stereo for one of the witches. I was laughing too hard. Sorry Lucius.

Other than that, we continue on! I hope that early in Week 5 we will master Athletic and get to level 9 of the career, but, it is getting harder given the glitchiness of this track to figure out when he is working and when he isn't, and when he gets there, sometimes he apparently doesn't..... *shudders* I am so confused! But we're so close!!!

Oh, this week we started on the new floor, and of course on monday we will add more to it!At present we got twelve wall panels up there, of which only eight were painted (We finished the basement first), but we did get fourteen floor squares laid as a "roof". This will be the bedrooms once built, with hopefully a nice roof garden area on top of the last floor. I plan to put another floor over this one yet, but as they say in the song.... "we've only just begun"...

Career - 8
Athletic - 9
Handiness - 5
Lifetime Happiness: 2481

Sorry, no pics, lazy me forgot to take any!

Edited to Add: One thing I forgot to mention, Lucius works with Phoenix Ross, a celebrity Fairy in town, and now of course that Phoenix and Lucius are friends, Lucius has become a celebrity... suddenly we are being given dishwashers and rugs! Planters! And of course we are stealing paintings from work! None of which I can use, and all of which are now cluttering up the Family Inventory... *sigh*

Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge - Week 3

Well, we are now officially through Week 3, and Lucius is moving on up in the crime career! I had to wait until Week 4 Day one (officially) to announce this, as he doesn't finish work until 3am, but we have selected the Thief track of the criminal career, and Lucius is practicing his sneaking:

sneak this wayCollapse )

Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge - Week 2

Ah the delights of working nights. Lucius has struggled a little this week, a night in jail didn't help matters with his boss, and getting electrocuted (I would have got a pic, but was laughing too hard and missed it) while repairing a colleagues TV sort of got in the way... He has made it to Level 5 - Bagman though, without any serious trouble.

I do have a picture for you this time, the basement has been expanded, first on the Monday of Week 1, we had sufficient funds left over to push the basement out on one side, and this week we finished the basement and walled part of it off, in Week three it will all be finished and in Week four we begin working on the level above ground that is on the columns.

Basement Expanded:
Basement Week 2 photo BasementWeek2end.jpg

The room with the laundry piles in will become the bathroom, the bottom of the stairs will have a reading nook and be walled off from the main room. On Monday of course!

Oh, Lucius is now level 6 Athletic, and level 3 Handiness, andhas 953 Lifetime Happiness Points. I think we will be choosing Master Thief, as Emperor only controls the protection money, and we can manage that! All those days off we can't do with ease...

Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge - Week 1

Not a lot to report for this week, mostly it's been played very fast, so fast I forgot to check which day it was on, so we're reporting in a bit late, on the Monday of Week 2 in fact.... Oops.

Lucius seems to be doing well, Level 4 in the criminal career, added a book to the family collection - From Goon to Guido: Thuggery Evolved, and is now level 5 in athletic and level 1 in Handiness. He's met some lovely people at work, a vampire, a witch and a fairy. None of whom he can wed, because they are all older than him of course! We need babies once this career is lifted. Oh yes, the aging thing.... I did notice on Day 2, which was of course Monday of last week, that for some reason he'd dropped from 23 to 18 days. So in accordance with advice when this happened last time, I turned aging off for the four days to rebalance it. Yes, I did remember to turn it back on at the right time too. I sincerely hope this is still allowed.....

No pics, because all Lucius has done is work, work out, and sleep in a sleeping bag. Family Funds cheat hates me. I tried to make the funds the right amount, and wound up with ZERO!!! I figured it out in the end though.

Next up, week 2...