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Apocalypse Challenge - A New Fall...

Moonlight Falls - Week 5.

Today we were very disturbed early in the morning, when the delivery arrived at silly o'clock, right after the mob knocked on the door for the protection money. Thankfully I was already up and about (having only just fed the twins) pottering around, while Ashley was playing with the twins.

Mon Son & heir

I am so pleased that we have been able to enclose the landing, and build what will be our new bathroom outside the nursery, even if it does lack most of it's roof as yet! We finished the decorating in the kids room too, but then used the rest of our decor allowance on the outside of the house. Hardly important, but I believe in street value! The new windows and door, additional basement space, all will contribute to our well being. I also put a lot of thought into our purchases... We have a hopscotch court for the children to play on when they are big enough, as well as a teddy bear for now. I bought a new bike rack, although I wanted two I couldn't get them along with the new chair and some lights! Next Week... I think that order is set in my mind already. I used the additional walls not used on the bedroom floor to begin on a floor above that. It's going to be a big open space for now, but, I have no idea what it will be eventually.

Ashley spent the morning with the children, and the afternoon in the park socialising, it will help her job progress, so I can't complain. Thomas, Kalinka and I worked on talking and potty training, they both read our one toddler book, and I tried to nap when I could! It is hard work being a parent... I am exhausted a lot of the time. Ashley met some new people, and on her return just before curfew was able to help me with the kids some more before bed. I admit to crashing out until the early hours, when I went back to teaching Kalinka to talk.

Tue  Talk Time

Today Kalinka learned to talk, and was potty trained, both by me. Ashley went to work and earned a promotion!

Wed Promo

Thomas also learned to talk and was potty trained, again by me!

Today we focussed on the children, I taught Kalinka to walk, while Ashley taught Thomas. I know she should have been working on her career prospects, but, I wanted to make sure our children knew everything we could teach them at this stage. We can work out, read books and interact with other sims while they sleep. While they are awake, I wanted to be focussed on them. Once they were both mostly walking Ashley hit the phones to make some more friends and update her existing ones. I kept the children company and then hit the phone myself. Pretty soon the tots were ready for sleepy time and both Ashley and I flaked out pretty soon after that. It was, not the most productive of days, but hopefully we all made progress in something!

Well today I finished teaching both kids to walk.

Fri - One walkingFri two walking

Ashley worked her socks off, and I slept a lot! Long day.... And then the kids had their birthday sparkles, and became, well, kids!


Thomas is turning out to be really friendly, while Kalinka seems to be more of a perfectionist. We will have to see what directions their lives take, if I am around to see it! With that in mind, and having finished reading the science book in the bookshelf, I started practicing writing on the computer I bought home from Uni, I think this is the first time I've turned it on since! I'm almost surprised it worked. Anyway, the children packed themselves off to bed after a PB&J each, and then Ashley and I pretty much did the same, the days seem so long and empty without work, but I will fill them with other things now I don't have two toddlers to look after! I also put in my order for the things I will need on Monday to expand our house and make sure everyone has what they need.

Today the kids played hopscotch, Kalinka painted a large painting, Thomas played Chess. Ashley worked out, went to work, came back with a promotion, and a book to read!

Sat Ashley Promo

So she settled down and read that straight through after a dinner of pb&j. Me? I spent the day making the pb&j, writing, cleaning up dishes and clothing piles, sorting the mail and generally being a house body. I could get used to this.


Another day of hopscotch in the daylight for the kids, followed by chess, and then Thomas painted while Kalinka carried on with the chess. Ashley worked out before work, and then headed off in a great mood, she was feeling pumped and primed! It paid off, she came home with another promotion!

Sun Ashley promo

I made sandwiches, cleaned up dishes, made beds, tidied away clothes, practiced my writing, and generally tried not to get in the way. I almost can't wait for tomorrow, the kids start school, Ashley has work, and me, well after installing all the new stuff, and rearranging our existing stuff I'm going to write my life story so that the family can begin having a legacy of where we came from....

Notes and Stats:
Slower playing now I have to control 4 sims who are sometimes in very different places. It'll pick up again as I get used to it.

Miro (W):
LTW: Renaissance Sim (Achieved)
Lift: Athletic (Achieved)
Traits: Ambitious, Athletic, Bookworm, Genius, Inappropriate, Frugal (Graduation)
Skills: Athletic 10, Charisma 10, Cooking 3, Handiness 10, Science 3, Writing 1
Challenges Met: Body Builder, Fitness Nut, Celebrity, Personable, Super Friendly, Plumber, Marathon Runner
Celebrity Status: 5 Stars

Ashley (H):
LTW: Superstar Athlete (Not happening Chica)
Lift: Paranormal (in progress)
Traits: Brave, Charismatic, Evil, Irresistible, Party Animal, Athletic (Social Group)
Skills: Athletic 5, Charisma 3, Cooking 1, Logic 3, Social Networking 2,
Challenges Met: Celebrity
Celebrity Status: 4.5 Stars

Thomas (W):
Traits: Friendly, Good, Loves the Heat
Skills: Logic 3, Painting 1

Kalinka (H):
Traits: Loves the cold, Perceptive, Perfectionist
Skills: Logic 3, Painting 1


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