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Apocalypse Challenge - A New Fall...

Moonlight Falls - Week 4.

My birthday. I woke up to the sound of the delivery truck! My building and buy stuffs arrived super early, and I was glad of it. I have completed a second room on the upstairs of my house, and mostly walled in the landing, roofed the second room and added a couple of squares of tile to the landing, strategically placed to try and provide shelter until I can get more! The basement sections went in with no problem, and the windows and door. Some of the walls even got painted, although I did insist on finishing my bedroom first. That room is now done! I bought two cribs, another lounge chair, another dining chair (for the chess table), 2 lights and a new stereo. Well, I need something to work out to!

By the time all that was placed, I had to leave for work, just barely enough time for a PB&J - my birthday treat. Still, when I got home after a shift of game prep, team time, game prep, I was ready for a few short chats - Ashley, Erica, Baily, then I had my birthday sparkles, and, well, figured it was bedtime really.... How dull can one man's life get huh? Soon things will change, I can feel it coming tomorrow....


I spent the morning today working on my speaking, practicing the speech for the team, motivating, encouraging, uplifting.... And then I went to work and absolutely nailed that last promotion!! I am officially top of the tree athletically speaking!

Athletic LIFTED!

Not just that, but apprently I've reached the top of the social climbing tree as well and am now a 5 star celebrity!

5 Star CelebCeleb Stats

I got called into a meeting, the town leaders want to open up new avenues, and I get to go home and call Ashley.....


I did spend some time practicing what I wanted to say to her, and she agreed to visit, but can't get here till tomorrow morning. I can live with it - I spent the latter part of the evening racing around in a fit of excitement cleaning up non-existent mess and hoping the place will not be too much of a disappointment for her.... I hope she says yes, the town leaders allowed me to have a small, but sparkly, diamond ring for an engagement ring... How am I going to sleep tonight with tomorrow coming so soon???

So.... Ashley came over, and, it was like we hadn't spent all this time apart! I wasted no time at all in asking her to move in with me, which she agreed to do, and then, I suggested we might consider going steady....

I proposed
Which was fine for all of ten minutes, by which time I had screwed up my courage and got down on one knee to propose....

She said yes!

So we got married right off, there being a prohibition on social gatherings and the like, it was just us, a private ceremony, topped off by a kiss.

Private Wedding

She's all mine.
she's all mine

Right off the bat we consummated our vows, twice, and then I quit work, no chance to take a day off without having to lose my job, so I wasn't going to wait around to be fired.


Then we got down to some serious business, I explained what was happening here, Ashley caught me up on the University campus gossip and news, and then we hit the stereo to work out. Ashley hasn't been doing much of that, so she really needs to catch up to me, and I need to keep up with her progress! After that, a round of PB&J and then off to bed with both of us, sleep is crucial and I can't wait to cuddle Ashley all night.

I woke before Ashley this morning, hardly surprising, yesterday was an enormous day for both of us, but I let her sleep in, while I headed downstairs to pay the bills, check the mail, recycle the newspaper, and then onto my usual morning routine. It feels strange, today is Snowflake Day, I read that in the paper on the way to the bin, I recall Snowflake day as a day of giving presents, celebrating the heart of winter with family and friends. I'd just finished clearing up when Ashely shot down the ladder and ran for the toilet, she was so sick I hurt just listening to it. As soon as it was over though she was ravenous, even eating last nights PB&J which we'd left on the side. She couldn't finish the plate though, and I know we are both worried that something is wrong. She assures me she was not sick before she came here, but with no medical facilities operational here, there is not much either of us can do apart from hope it passes.

working out couple
We worked out again, and then she settled at the chess table while I carried on training. I want to stay as fit as possible, just in case.

It wasn't until later that night that Ashley realised what was going on - I'm going to be a father!


Today I think spent the day in shock, while Ashley worked out, played chess, and practiced what she called her World Domination Speech in the mirror. I spent the day doing cardio, my brain working overtime, what should I order for the building to progress, and what should I buy? Ashley likes the kids music on the radio, so I've been working out to the most awful gibberish, I'd prefer classical myself, but for a work out you do need a beat. I swear I could sing most of these kids songs in my sleep. But I want her to be happy, whatever else I can or have achieved, that is my primary goal right now. I can't be doing too badly, she's just waddled off to bed with a smile on her face...

I'll just keep working on out here for a while. Let my mind stew on other things. Then I'll send off my order for parts and head to bed too.

Ashley and I made snowmen this morning, a little fun never hurt anyone, and we feasted on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After that I went for a jog while she worked out to the stereo, increasing her athletic ability will help no doubt with labour, which I am sure will take both of us by surprise when it happens. She is definitely getting close! I swear she is up and down the ladders far too often for my liking, but I can't work stairs into the house just yet, not enough room for them and besides, I can't justify the expense even for Ashley. I did order more walls, paint, floor/roofing tiles, windows, basement and doors, I'm just not sure that Ashley understands right now how difficult it will be to have a child in our not completely weatherproof house! The child will be restricted to one room in effect until they can getup and down the ladders for themselves. But, that shouldn't be too much of a hardship... Should it?

Of course I came home from my jog, my mind so much clearer to find she was in labour!!!

TWINS!!!! A beautiful boy we've named Thomas, and a daughter, Kalinka. They are, to be honest, ADORABLE!!! Just like their mother.

Oh gods I need to sleep!!! If it's not one twin it's the other, and this morning I so blithely suggested that Ashley might want to check the paper for jobs...so she did! She starts work as a Fortune Teller tomorrow, and in preparation headed off to the park today to meet some people, practice her chess and her charisma skills. I am so regretting giving up work, but, I have a son, and he is a witch, so for him, I will do this parenting thing, and I will do it right if it kills me (which the lack of sleep shortly will if I don't get some serious sacktime!).


Stats and notes:
Miro (W):
LTW: Renaissance Sim (Achieved)
Traits: Ambitious, Athletic, Bookworm, Genius, Inappropriate, Frugal (Graduation)
Skills: Athletic 10, Charisma 10, Cooking 3, Handiness 10, Science 1
Challenges Met: Body Builder, Fitness Nut, Celebrity, Personable, Super Friendly, Plumber
Celebrity Status: 5 Stars

Ashley (H):
LTW: Superstar Athlete (Not happening Chica)
Traits: Brave, Charismatic, Evil, Irresistable, Party Animal, Athletic (Social Group)
Arrival Skills: Cooking 1, Social Networking 2,
Gained Skills: Athletic 5, Charisma 2, Logic 3,
Celebrity Status: 1.5 Stars on arrival, 4.5 Stars at the end of the week!

Thomas (W):
Traits: Good, Loves the Heat

Kalinka (H):
Traits: Loves the cold, Perceptive


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