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Apocalypse Challenge - A New Fall...

Miro - Living in Moonlight Falls - Week 1.

So, Monday, I worked out, had a bowl of cereal, used the toilet and had a sponge bath to make sure I was clean. I was feeling a little nervous, so I made a snow angel to pass the last bit of spare time before work... I left so early it was daft! Got to the stadium nearly a full hour before I was supposed to be there, but that was ok, because the team were there and we got to hang for a bit, I made some new friends, and, then we worked out together and hung out some more.... It didn't feel like work! I was even more surprised to find when I left for the evening that I'd apparently done enough, I am now a Rookie! My first day, and my first promotion. I was so pleased with myself that as soon as I'd arrived home and paid the bills, I called Ashley to tell her all about it. I'd like to say she was thrilled, but, I think she's missing me too much to realise that the faster I get promoted, the sooner she can be here with me.

1st Day promotion

After the call though I was a little bit more down, and the tiredness hit me, so, I simply unrolled my sleeping bag and hit the floor... Thankfully not too hard, but I am going to have to get a bed soon!


I worry about the newsmongers in this town, apparently it's newsworthy that I sleep. I heard today that someone was taking pictures of me while I was in my sleeping bag, fast asleep, and that this is the best news the town has had in years - what, that I use a sleeping bag or that someone actually sleeps? Very worrying.

Paparazzi madness

I went to work in a great mood, we went through the game preparation, hung out and practiced a few things as a team. I had eaten before I went to work, canned soup, so when I came home I cracked on with practicing my speaking in front of the mirror. After that, well, it was back to my sleeping bag, first game tomorrow....


With the game today I wanted to be feeling my best, unfortunately for me that was going to be tough.... The sink broke while I was having a sponge bath, so that needed repairing...

Fixing the Sink

But, then I did manage to get my fave PB&J sandwich for a quick lunch before work...

PB&J - Fave!

I even made a snow angel to pep me right up, but, we lost 15-1. It was not good... However, I came home with a resolve to work out and get fitter, making it less likely for me to let the side down. I also decided to upgrade my sink to self-cleaning as I have noticed self-cleaning objects seem to break less often than ones that need to be cleaned... See, I did learn something at Uni!


Today I mostly upgraded the sink, worked out, called everyone I know (almost) to catch up and then, well, rinse and repeat really. It was a very quiet day, no sign of any paparazzi, which in a way is restful but also a little worrying, am I not news anymore?


Well I would have finished upgrading the sink this morning, but the toilet clogged so that took priority, after which I had a carton of juice, did work on the sink, and then headed to work. My mood wasn't the greatest, but we did game preparation, worked out in the gym (I scored an athletic point), hung out for a while talking plays and stuff, and then as I was leaving I was told I'd been promoted to starter. Apparently I'm a good team player.

1st Friday Promotion

Headed home and finished the darned sink! Then upgraded the toilet to self cleaning as a precautionary measure. After that, I was well tired, so headed to bed, well, bag still... Must get some building and buy stuff ordered. Apparently they deliver on Mondays, but only after you make a payment of protection money, because the criminal element control the supply chain as well as everything else it seems.... I can't change it all, I know that, but a fitter population might be better able to fight back.


What is becoming a routine start for me, toilet, sponge bath, pb&j, then on with my day! Today I wanted to work on my charisma before work, so decided to head over to the park just next door, which I had yet to visit. There I met Serena Durwood, and there was something magical about her, I'm not sure, but I think she may be just a little more like me than appearances would say.... Perhaps she is a witch? Before I could really get to know her though I had to leave for work, and it was while there I heard the rumour... Apparently I fought with one of my team-mates, and beat him senseless! We both looked at each other, my victim and I, and laughed, we know it's not true, false accusations abound at the moment it's as if the world is hanging on a knife edge waiting for something to happen. Well it won't be me fighting that causes it! I came home in a bad mood, so a snow angel before bed was just a simple way of cheering myself up. Then Abbie rang and we renewed our friendship, she wanted to tell me how much she didn't believe the rumours.

It's good to talk

But I know David and I are not great friends right now, maybe I should spend more time with him. We'll have to see, but tomorrow is game day, and I do not want a repeat of the last one! I headed to bed and was simply thankful that my supplied order had been taken in, and that delivery was pretty much assured for Monday (so long as I pay the price). I've decided to build upwards, I can use the area under the existing roof for some things, but I want to be sleeping above ground. So I've ordered a ladder, some wall panels, some more roof/floor tiles, and a few small windows, I've even ordered a door, since I would like to stop the endless peeping of the paparazzi at my sleeping self!


Another game, another whitewash. I don't want to talk about it. Came home, worked out, Abbie called, we chatted, I felt better and went to bed.


Stats Check:
Miro's Skills are now:
Athletic 9, Charisma 8, Cooking 2, Handiness 10, Science 1.
No new Skill Challenges completed this week.
He is now level 6 of the Sports Career, a Starter.


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