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Newton's Nest - A Legacy Housebuild.

After an eventful summer, Caitlyn was tasked with her first real problem, still a teenager she was now nominally at least, the head of the household. Zoe continued to struggle to make the required numbers of followers for her career in social media, although she had now maxed out all the relevant skills. Brianna was already making her way up the Culinary career, and working on Baking and Gourmet Cooking as well as Cooking and Mixology. Denise had aged up and followed Caitlyn into the Scouting tradition. Caitlyn herself had gained almost every badge, while maintaining her A grade, and the Greenhouse. Read more...Collapse )

To be continued - but I'm tired.

Newton's Nest - A Legacy Housebuild.

Summer, a time of thunderstorms, and for the Newtons, a profound change. Caitlyn had been learning gardening from her father and Patchy, and was taking over the tending of the greenhouse, Brianna had learned handiness and was covering repairs. Denise was still a toddler, and entertained her father as best she could with blocks and dolls. Zoe kept plugging away at the internet, but then, just two days into the season, things changed.

Cowtastrophe!Collapse )

Newton's Nest - A Legacy Housebuild.

Spring for Adam involved much slowing down, he found it hard to get interested in anything but Denise, and his plants, he could talk to them for hours. Denise aged up into a toddler,Collapse )

Oct. 6th, 2018

In the aftermath of Harvestfest, Adam could feel the years creeping up on him, and sure enough, while Caitlyn and Brianna were finishing off their individual aspirations and Zoe gained another promotion, he had a quiet, rather forgotten birthday. Poor old boyCollapse )

Sep. 30th, 2018

Fall passed in an equally speedy blur for the family, Adam worked hard in his greenhouse, Zoe hunted followers for social media, Brianna chased and caught her A grade, and her first Aspiration (Whiz Kid) before starting on her second (Rambunctious Scamp), Caitlyn succeeded in maxing all her toddler skills and aged up into a potentially equally overachieving child! Only two days after her birthday she was quickly heading for her first aspiration (Rambunctious Scamp).

Adam had to add an extra desk, and a second computer, a jungle gym, and then all of a sudden it was Harvestfest!Collapse )
It was the end of Summer before Adam and Zoe had time to re-evaluate things again. By now Brianna was a child, Caitlyn was well into toddlerhood, the house was fully built and decorated, although their master suite bathroom still needed kitting out, as did Caitlyn's future suite. The Kitchen was half done, the dining room was finished, the great room needed more furniture, and they'd had to extend the deck and the children's suites a little to make enough room in that section of the house for the toddler stuff and the child skilling items Brianna now needed. The outdoor decks had been paved too! Adam was particularly pleased about that.Collapse )

Newton's Nest - A Legacy Housebuild.

Spring passed Adam and Zoe by in a blur of endless sleep deprived days and nights. Brianna hardly seemed to sleep at all, but somehow Adam managed to keep going to work, while Zoe worked from home, albeit not very successfully. They had the shell of the house, and all the internal walls finished, but some rooms needed decorating, including their master suite, but they moved into it anyway freeing up what would eventually be the dining room.

Then came the bombshellCollapse )

Newton's Nest - A Legacy Housebuild.

It was the first day of spring when things really changed for Adam and Zoe. Read more...Collapse )

Newton's Nest - A Legacy Housebuild.

Winter, a season not normally known for growing things, but with his indoor greenhouse, all his sheltered plants continued to produce fruit and blossom, giving him a daily income towards his building project of a house. He plucked up his courage, and spent a day concentrating on wooing Zoe, proposing again in the snow on their front porch... What did she say....?Collapse )

Newton's Nest - A Legacy Housebuild.

By the end of autumn, Adam was beginnning to feel he had half a chance of making it as a gardener, a partner and a legacy founder. He had a house, partially built it was true, but each room was complete in it's own way, even if that wasn't the final way. He'd proposed to Zoe, who unfortunately had said no, but he was working on that.

Read more...Collapse )