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Apocalypse Challenge - A New Fall...

Miro Torresante, Moonlight Falls - Week 3.

Today I worked hard on the game preparation, making sure the team hangs together well, and also on my fitness. I can feel myself getting older, it's not nice to realise I have to work harder to get to where I used to reach with ease... But we're still good! I also chatted on the phone to some acquaintances, managed to make some friends, one of whom is a team-mate so work should go better tomorrow.


My building materials arrived, and with a bit of luck I was able to make a complete room upstairs, which was very lucky as my bed has also arrived and it took everyone present to get it into the room! It won't be moving again for a while, we were all truly exhausted once we had the rest of the stuff placed. I added a couple of chairs to the table in the basement room, another crate chair and an advance purchase of a potty chair for when I have kids. I'd rather not discover I don't have what I need when the little ones come along - and they will come along! I'd like a big family. I hope Ashley agrees, she was impressed when I told her I was building the upstairs for her and our future... At least, I think she was.

Another day like yesterday, working out, working, working out, I jogged to the stadium today because I felt so much more rested from my new bed than the sleeping bag! It took a lot longer than biking, I was almost late for work, but I had the time and considered it a workout. I also think that for the first half of the journey it was inspiring to the people I jogged past to see someone making an effort. We'll see if it changes anything. Managed to combine game prep and team hanging again, so everything is on track for tomorrow's game.... Oh, the stereo broke at home, I can't replace it so for now it's down in the basement with the other things I bought on Monday that I'm not ready to use yet (A Chess board and an easel).


For a game day it's becoming a routine, the usual motions, and then off to the stadium to whip the other team's butts! We won again! I got a little tied up today and was a little delayed getting into the pre-game warm up, didn't miss the kick off though, and hell, I was on my way since I was just rounding the last corner at 3. The boss agreed that since she could se me coming as she got out of the car I can keep my job, I didn't realise it was at risk, but man do I know now! Apparently that cost me a promotion despite us winning 16-0 (which I would have had, but the boss got there before me and denied it on those grounds). Must not be even remotely close to late in future....

Cycling home I realised how much I love living here, however hard it is, and how proud I am of my little house I'm building.


Well today I decided to go all out, I got up earlier, worked out, ate a light meal of bread and jam, then headed over to the park, I jogged of course and I met several new people, managed to make a friend of Erica, who's the last of my team mates to achieve that status, I worked on making sure I made friends with everyone I met, working on my charisma skill. I also achieved the body Builder challenge and maxed out my athletic skill! Towards the evening, as it was getting towards curfew I headed home and paid the bills, at least the postal worker runs regular routes along with the paper delivery. I just recycle those, there's nothing in them normally apart from the odd vacancy for a job, or a series of admonishments to strive for better, work harder, pay the mob more money!


Today I sorted out my order for building supplies, and tried hard to select things to buy, I'm not sure whether to push my luck and order kids stuff in advance, or whether I should play it safe and get things that Ashley might like instead. Trouble is, I know how close I am to the top of my career, and I wonder, is it worth it? Perhaps I should get to the top, get married, then quit and be a stay at home dad? I think I'd like that. Well, with that decision potentially made, I got on with the rest of my day, I can't get married until I have hit the top, so I worked on my charisma, did my usual routine and headed to work a little early to socialise and get the team pumped! My enthusiasm netted me a pay rise, and then as I was leaving, that delayed promotion came my way too. More charisma work when I got home, and then off to bed for a nice long sleep.

Promotion to Superstar

I swear the days are starting to run into each other, i did nothing new today, I rarely do, and I found myself come bedtime wondering what I had done and being hard pushed to remember. I know I went through the usual morning routine, I had cereal (I think, it could have been bread and jam), I worked on my charisma by practicing my speaking in the mirror. I would have gone to the park, but it was snowing so much I could barely see the place, even if it is only next door so I decided not to. I know I went to work and I prepared for the game, worked with my team mates to build our team plays and stuff, then came home and did even more on my speaking. I do remember there was something happening at the park when I got home, but I was tired, so I stayed home, besides, I do have a curfew I have to keep!


Another game day, another fantastic speech from me to motivate the team, and another absolutely smashing win! 16-0 to US! I'm continuing to work on my charisma, and the order for my building supplies and purchases has come through, they will be here tomorrow, which, I note completely disinterestedly is my birthday. Nothing special to see here though, just, me working my socks off to try and get this last promotion needed so I can bring Ashley home! The new suit that work gave me is somewhat jazzy for my tastes, and the sunglasses? But I don't have to wear it often thankfully!


Notes and Stats:
The town is starting to complain about a lack of housing, and the sims are pairing off and breaking up at a phenomenal rate. Soon there will be nobody left who isn't related! LOL, I suspect not, but it sure feels that way some days. As for miro, well, he did all right this week....

Skills: Athletic 10, Charisma 9, Cooking 3, Science 1, Handiness 10.
Challenges Met: Body Builder, Celebrity, Personable, Super Friendly, Plumber
Celebrity Status: 4.5 Stars


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