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Apocalypse Challenge - A New Fall...

Miro, Moonlight Falls Week 2:

I have no idea how it happened, but I guess the Powers That Be were so disgusted with the whitewash last night that they demolished the stadium overnight and rebuilt the school. They also put a new stadium in across town, where I was able to get my job back, but unfortunately my team-mates were not so lucky, a whole new crop of soon to be sporting stars is mine to get to know.... It was a long day with no real progress, I think people are a little nervous. The speed of change would make anyone nervous! Still, the new stadium will be open for business tomorrow, so I made the most of the chance to spend the day at home.

I did make sure to call my old team mates, and my friends, and a couple of my closer acquaintances, keeping in touch only twice a week is tough, but at least I am managing to get to talk to Ashley every chance I get! She may not be a witch, but she's still my best girl. I practiced my speaking in the mirror and worked out a little more.. I have to keep my hand in and get to the top somehow.

Mon Charisma build

I did indulge my funloving side before work today, just to take the edge off my nerves, a snow angel to make me smile, hopefully she watched over me for the rest of the day, although the toilet clogging up was not nice! I fixed it, and then of course the usual round of PB&J before work....

Tue Snow Angel Fun

Then, well, first day at the new stadium, and WOW it is huge! Way bigger than the old one, and I feel inspired! I spent most of my workday preparing for tomorrow's game with the new team mates, it's not the same, but, after hanging with them for a while I think we might be a better fit, but we won't know until tomorrow. My friend Abbie (and old team mate from the other stadium) died today, I inherited two books, which I will be honest and say I don't know that I can read, Abbie was a good friend, who I could rely on to be there for me to talk to. I'm not sure what I will do without her. I packed the books into the family inventory that the Powers That Be keep, I may never see them again, but, I know they are safe there.

So, the usual Match Day preparations, toilet, sponge bath, a quick work out and then a PB&J, then a snow angel, and off to the new Stadium.

Weds Snow Angel

It felt huge warming up, today it was just an amazing atmosphere of screaming fans... And, better yet, WE WON!!! Not just by a little bit either, but 12-1!! Which just made the announcement that I was the new Team Captain just so much sweeter! I am, so happy I could do something dangerously exciting like ride my broom home, except, I bought the bicycle instead. Probably just as well, the coach is going to implement my training regime for the team so that we can all play the whole game in the same way. It should be good!

Weds Promotion!

After yesterday I was on a roll, calling everyone, telling them what was going on, having fun chatting. I'm never great on the phone, but today I rocked. I had issues with the low rations, I am constantly hungry on just one meal a day and I can feel it has an effect on me not eating more often. I only hope I can make it to the top before anything seriously bad happens. If I can convince the governing bodies that physical fitness equates to ability to produce, then, hopefully we can get stronger people, who can work harder to restore our world, I'm not banking on more food though, there just isn't the supply right now.

Strangely enough today I was very tired after all the chatting, I spent a few minutes having a sponge bath and then headed to my sleeping bag. Tomorrow I'll put in an order for more building materials for Monday, hopefully I can get a lot more of my loft level done, and maybe buy something nice for myself, like a bed!

Today I did mostly what I do everyday, up to but not including fixing my sink, however, that is the tenth plumbing item I have fixed, so I wonder if I am now good enough to make my fixes permanent - we'll see when the next one breaks. I decided to order the full works of wall panels, paint panels, floor/roof tiles, another ladder, a door, and some basement squares. I hope to have my bedroom completed on Monday, I think I have enough supplies coming to do it! So, just in case, I ordered my bed too! I think I am coming to like this town, it's a pretty place, with all the snow and everything...

Pretty little town

Work went OK, I made some progress, made a new friend (who promptly left the sports career!), headed home, practiced my speaking until I felt more confident in it and then hit the bedroll. Tomorrow there will be more game prep, more hanging out with team mates, more working out, and more of everything in general... Except, hopefully no more broken stuff.

Just a so so day on the professional sports career hamster wheel -I went through my morning routine, worked out some, made a snow angel, headed to work, left work, came home and went to bed.... Well, bag. It was just, a not there day you know? I barely remember anything happening and I lived through it! I did get a book to read from my boss, but paid it no mind until I got home and wanted to read it... Then the phone rang and it was bedtime....


I'm hopeful after last night's shift, when my boss gave me a book on moves to read, that she wasn't giving me a different kind of hint, with a game tomorrow I really wanted to make sure the team and I were in good shape, but "It's more than good moves" had a lot to offer! I finished reading it this morning , after unclogging the toilet.... Another kind of move that needs to be fixed! Still it didn't take long, the toilet that is, and the book was finished, so I had time to work out a little before the big game, or jog to work... I did some cardio and then took the bike!

It was a kind of tough game, we won though, but not by as big a margin, and I was named MVP - another promotion! I have to work out now, I really feel pumped up after the game... Cycled home extra fast, and then did some strength training by the stereo before unrolling my sleeping bag. I can't wait for my bed to arrive tomorrow!

Sun Promotion!

Stats Check & Notes:
Well the stadium school combo bug means I had to replace the dratted thing. So that's done, took out the Hoi-Polloi I'd put in and replaced that with the Binder Clips Stadium/Show Venue, and put the Town Stuff Pack School in where the old combo used to be. Hopefully that is the only edit of the town required. That happened at 06:05 on Monday, so Miro wasn't able to go to work as the game didn't queue him up for it since he had to get his job back at the new stadium. I used Master Controller to reset his job level and performance to equivalent levels once he had his new job (I can take an oopsie on that if needed). He's doing an hour of game preparation and an hour of hanging with team mates, which seems to be working for him.

Stats Check:

Miro achieved two challenges this week, Super Friendly from Charisma and Plumber from Handiness, his skills are: Athletic 9, Charisma 9, Cooking 2, Science 1, Handiness 10.


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