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Apocalypse Challenge - A New Fall...


The last two terms at University were hard work. I was trying desperately to acquire influence with the jocks, but they seemed to know what was going on, maybe Ashley told them, needless to say I found it harder and harder to find any ways to improve my standing. I couldn't attend the parties as they were all outside the permitted zone, and I think this hurt my options further. Ashley stood by me though, keeping me going through the endless school cheers, the jokes about professors and anything else I could come up with.


I have nearly managed to acquire my lifetime want already, a few short days and that should be mine once I return home. Of course having acquired a top class honours degree, I can hopefully walk, or should that be jog, straight into a job in the sports career. I think I have convinced a couple of my professors here that we must work on the fitness of our younger people, or we will have no older people! The university now runs classes in cardio and strength workouts, and encourages jogging.


Skills wise, I have mastered handiness, thanks to the clever brain trainer and the propensity of my dorm-mates for clogging toilets and breaking the electrical equipment. I have a high level of charisma, again in part to the brain trainer, but I feel this has been a worthwhile use of my time, I can now sweet talk a lot of people round to my way of thinking. Which will again count in my favour at Moonlight Falls. I also have a high level of athletic skill, which will no doubt stand me in good stead for a rapid series of promotions in the sports career...


I was able, thanks to my frugal trait (acquired through graduation), to build an 8x8 basement, put a roof over the top of the same footprint, fence in the space and acquire a fair bit of furniture. I'd been warned that although the supernaturals were out in force in Moonlight Falls, it wouldn't do for me to be apparently one of them, so I'd managed to get my hands on a bike and a rack, they are clumsy and I feel inept, but, my balance is good from riding a broom, so hopefully after the practice at Uni I should not appear too odd cycling along the roads here.

I was not, however, overly impressed to start with by the local book shops... The consignment store I had been pointed to had nothing to offer of any interest, and the primary bookstore was expensive! But, following the advice of my professors, and a few friends at Uni, I was able to buy a couple of gardening books, and one on Science, only for the bookstore owner to recognise me and insist on me not paying for any of them! I walked out with the books in shock, the cold air hit me, and then I went back in and bought the third gardening book, only this time I insisted on paying for it! I am surprised that my fame from University has spread back to Moonlight Falls already, I shall not capitalise on it, but this was a pleasant occurrence.

After that I went back home to work out before work tomorrow, only work came to me in the form of a colleague, Oberon Summerdream, he just strolled into my house, reminding me I had no options on security as yet, and he was of course followed by a couple of paparazzi... They really are everywhere. We talked for a little bit, got to know each other, became friends, then I thought he should leave, since, well, it was getting late and I wanted to unroll the sleeping bag that is, for the moment, my bed. Tomorrow is a big day for me.... Very big, I get to start my career as a Minor Leaguer.



Stats Check: Miro has Athletics 8, Charisma 8, Handiness 10, Science 1, Cooking 1 (for PB&J). He has achieved the Celebrity and Personable Skill challenges in Charisma. He brought home from University a Graduation Gnome (in the family inventory), his high School Diploma because I am a sad sap, his University Degree, and the Dorm's computer (which he had already upgraded to unbreakable). His starting Build Balance was $5326, and we made the very most of the frugal trait he acquired from Graduating. He did not achieve sufficient influence with the Jocks to get the 7th trait at uni. Not sure if he can still do that... His other traits remain as Ambitious, Athletic, Bookworm, Genius and Inappropriate.


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