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Apocalypse Challenge - A New Fall...

Miro - The Uni Years, Terms 1 & 2 (Half way!).

I look back now and think, it was mostly sane. Apart from the endless fires, the strangely acquired green stuff they called "Autumn Salad" that seemed to be a regular in the dorm (I never cooked, not once! Probably just as well since I can't do it very well), the piles and piles of dirty clothes and plates that took forever to get someone to clean up, and of course my classes and activities. I worked hard, I was on the Dean's list both terms, passed all my exams and have an A grade report card, met some wonderful friends, and generally had a good time. I have lots of great memories so far.....


But, every university has breaks (or so I am told), and although I have nothing to go home to except an empty patch of land, I am assured that I need only be there as long as it takes to retake my aptitude test and re-enrol. *sigh* I'm not sure I want to be there even that long to be honest....

Still, rules are rules right?

Scholarship 2

I took the aptitude test as soon as I got home, and no surprises there, got me a full scholarship ride right back to Uni.

No Cost Degree2

I'm really rather looking forward to going back, finishing my degree, seeing what I can accomplish while I'm there that will help me when I get back to here again...


Notes and Stats Check:

Miro's Skills (I'm partway into term 3, so these are from there):
Athletic 6 (almost 7), Charisma 8 (5 pts from brain trainer), Science 1, Handiness 7 (1pt from brain trainer).
Challenges Completed: Celebrity, Personable (both from Charisma).
We think we have met the future spouse - but she changed degree on us so now we're not sure! Ashley Corono was in Business, but is now a Phys Ed major... I'm not sure it makes much difference to be honest, but, we're still romantically involved with her, so I guess unless she turns out to be old, she will still be the spouse for our founder.... in a few updates time of course!


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