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Apocalypse Challenge - A New Fall...

Miro - The Uni Years

The first day in the dorm, and I could tell it was going to be a loooong term! Somehow the one toilet got clogged in less than three hours, and between us, I grabbed the best room in the lot, I'm the only one not in a cheap bunk, not sharing and with a little space to set myself down. I can see why the Authorities said university life would be hard. My schedule though seems anything but, although I have classes three days a week, and activities or lectures on the other two, nothing starts before noon!

Class Schedule

I'll see if I can't fix the toilet in the morning before class. I headed to bed only to be alerted to a fire by plenty of screaming, I had to head up there and extinguish it, poor Lizzie Mund had fainted right next to the grill, and it was way too risky to just leave next to the fire like that. I know I have to get ahead, but, there are other ways!

Fire on day one

I managed to get the fire out, Lizzie came round, I headed to bed exhausted. Day one of classes was just around the corner and I needed to sleep!

When I woke up some hours later most of the dorm had already left, but there were some hot dogs on the floor near the one still working grill, gladly I ate a serving, and then headed off to class, I was still tired, but, I figured I could nap later. I was feeling fairly chipper though after my second class, so I jogged back to the dorm, by which time, my bed was all I could think of! However after a nap I managed to read enough of a book about Handiness to figure I could probably work out how to mend some things, others I will need to learn more for, but that's why I'm here!

A quick dinner of someone else's tofu dogs (they weren't great, but food is food and I need it to fuel my fitness ambitions!), I got "mugged" for what the rather enormously large guys said was "protection money" of $600 for the whole dorm, and back to bed I went for a proper sleep, wondering how come I was the only one home when the goons came....

Stats check/notes:
Skills: Athletic 2; Handiness 1.

The dorm is hard to play in, single stairs clog, there is laundry and dishes everywhere, the toilet is constantly clogging up (handiness will be a breeze though), and I daren't take my eyes off of Miro for a second as there is too much fun stuff for him to be playing with and I'm not sure he should be enjoying himself yet! It is after all, only his first full day of classes.... Tuesday tomorrow! We'll see what happens then.


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